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THE INVESTIGATOR (Journal): March 2020 softcopy is available for download.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: International Conference on Marine Literature got conducted at Alleppey, Kerala on July 19 2019.

NATIONAL CONFERENCE: National Conference on Multiculturalism got conducted at Kannur, Kerala on Nov 15 2018.

EXPEDITION(Student's magazine): Inviting essays, poems and stories to get published.

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Association for Cultural and Scientific Research (ACSR) is a nonprofit organization registered in the State of Kerala, India to promote cultural, scientific and educational exchanges among the academic fraternity. The Association emphasizes on Education, Welfare of Women, Children and other weaker sections of the society. Association for Cultural and Scientific Research (ACSR) was registered under Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955 with Registration Number TSR/TC/3/2015. Since its inception, ACSR has always been actively engaged in building the bridge between people from the diverse educational Diasporas as the association has members from across the globe and actively promotes national and international literary and cultural exchanges, designed to strengthen mutual understanding and promote international friendship and co-operation.

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Magazine - Expedition

Expedition is a students’ biannual (August and January) magazine launched under the auspices of the academic community Association for Cultural & Scientific Research (ACSR). The magazine provides the students a number of avenues to pursue their interests and publish their essays, poems and stories. It also focuses on schools that offer quality education along with providing enrichment opportunities for all students ....Read More

Journal - The Investigator

The Investigator is an international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal published quarterly (March, June, September and December), launched under the auspices of the academic community Association for Cultural & Scientific Research (ACSR). Keeping the panoramic scopes of research as vibrant path, The Investigator intends to reflect on the skilled minds attitudinally conjuring from humanities to other... Read More

The Investigator : Content [2023 December]

The Symbolism of Forest and Trees in Landscape Paintings

Ecospiritual and Ecofeminist Analysis of Terry Tempest Williams’ The Bowl

Anarchic Oikos: An Oikopoetic Study of Sara Joseph’s Gift in Green

A Study on Portrayal of Forest in Telugu Horror Movies: Bethala Mantrikudu and O Sthree Repu Raa

Attitude of Human Beings towards Nature: An Eco-Existential Study of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods

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Activities Location Date
International Conference on Marine Literature Alleppey, Kerala July 19 2019
International Conference on Surveillance Alappuzha, Kerala Dec 20 2018
National Conference on Multiculturalism Kannur, Kerala Nov 15 2018
International Seminar on Nautical Literature Alleppey, Kerala Aug 3 2018
National Seminar on Cultural Studies Thrissur, Kerala Jan 5 2018
National Seminar on Aquatic Literature Alleppey, Kerala Aug 18 2017
National Seminar on Parapsychology and Cultural Practices Thrissur, Kerala May 4 2017
International Seminar on Forest and Literature Thrissur, Kerala Feb 24 2017
National Seminar on Queer Discourses and Social Dialogues Trivandrum. Kerala Dec 16 2016
National Seminar on Ethics & Transdisciplinaries Thrissur, Kerala Aug 10 2016
National Seminar on Food and Culture Thrissur, Kerala Jan 21 2016
National Seminar on Literature and Gender Issues Malappuram, Kerala July 29 2015
National Seminar on Literature and Contemporary Issues Palakkad, Kerala Oct 25 2014

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