About ACSR

About us

Association for Cultural and Scientific Research (ACSR) is a nonprofit organization registered in the State of Kerala, India to promote cultural, scientific and educational exchanges among the academic fraternity. The Association emphasizes on Education, Welfare of Women, Children and other weaker sections of the society. Association for Cultural and Scientific Research (ACSR) was registered under Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955 with Registration Number TSR/TC/3/2015. Since its inception, ACSR has always been actively engaged in building the bridge between people from the diverse educational Diasporas as the association has members from across the globe and actively promotes national and international literary and cultural exchanges, designed to strengthen mutual understanding and promote international friendship and co-operation. It grants opportunities for cross-border collaboration through the conduct of appropriate international conferences and seminars and facilitates the exchange and publication of information, books and other materials of mutual interest. It also intends to strengthen educational, cultural, and professional institutions (schools, colleges, libraries, research institutes and ministries of education) in countries through resource and information sharing.


To create a common platform to bring together academic scientists and researchers

To set an ideal environment for exchange of ideas and sharing of research results related to all aspects of cultural and scientific studies.

To encourage and promote the study of literature and other arts among various educational institutions around the globe.

To establish contact with other similar bodies in other countries in order to foster interchange of ideas and information.

To facilitate interchange of ideas and information by conducting national and international seminars.

To bring out national and international journals to publish research papers.

To arrange and organize social, cultural and educational programs from time to time.

To provide adequate educational and health services to tribal communities through strategic planning suited for tribal culture.

To educate and empower women, children and other weaker sections of the society.

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